Birdwatching shelter near the Eider duck colony

Between the end of May and August, a large colony of Common Eider ducks nests around our kennel. Barnacle geese have joined them in recent years, and if you're lucky or patient enough, you might even encounter a King Eider duck. Birds try to nest near the cages because dogs cannot get them and at the same time still serve as a good defense against Arctic foxes. However, Arctic foxes can still often be seen in the vicinity of the colony during this period, as well as various gulls and, of course, reindeers. Snow Bunting often nest under the roof of the big house, delighting us with trills unusual for the Arctic. And watch your head - often you accidentally step into the territory of small fearless Arctic terns!

If you want to watch bird life for a long time and have the opportunity to shelter from the weather while staying close to the colony, Svalbard Villmarkssenter offers expedition igloos for rent, standing right next to the kennel.
We are on the edge of the safe zone, so you can reach us from the city without carrying a weapon, and at the same time, dogs provide protection from polar bears, if suddenly the king of the Arctic does decide to wander so close.

Period: June-September
Capacity: up to 12 persons; from 1 to 6 persons for overnight.

For availability and price, please kindly contact us at
Each igloo can comfortably accommodate three people, but if you don't plan to stay overnight, there will be enough space for a good company of up to 7 people in each igloo. Toilet in a separate house a few meters away. Water is provided in a container for cooking or washing hands. Also, you can find tea, a kettle or thermos with hot water in the igloo. If you want to spend the night or just add a little more comfort to your life, you can rent travel mats and sleeping bags at the time of booking or at the Sportscenter in town.

Please note that this is a simple expedition accommodation format and heater, stove, or cooking utensils are not provided inside the igloo.

Transfer from/to the city is not included.
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