Overnight in a cozy cabin straight in the dog yard

"Koselig" is the word for this kind of accommodation.

After an active day with dogs, snow, and sleds, that would be a perfect evening with candles, a fireplace, and wood all around. Being not that far from the town, you still can feel through the whole local lifestyle and atmosphere.

In the cabin you can find all what you need for simple life. Heating with oven. Small frige and stove with stuff to cook simple meals.
There is no running water, so we do not have a shower or any washing facilities, water will be provided in containers for cooking and washing face/hands.
Simple cozy outdoor wooden toilet.

Period: all year round
Capacity: up to 3* persons

*there is bunk bed with the possibility of one extra pull-out bed

For availability and price, please kindly contact us at info@svalbardvillmarkssenter.no.

Expedition Igloo

During the snow season, these special "houses" on sledges move through the valleys and serving as base camps for our tours and long expeditions. And with the last snow the snowmobile brings them to the summer parking at the kennel. But it does not mean that they are not in use! In summer igloos are really good simple place for overnight, if you want to try yourself in expedition life, or have a nice time on the nature, outside of city and crowds of people.
Between the end of May and August you will have very spesial neighbours here - big Eider duck colony and some other birds nesting in the safe area near the dogs... and sometimes some spesial guests like polar foxes and reindeers.

Toilet in a separate house a few meters away. Water is provided in a container for cooking or washing hands. Also, you can find tea, a kettle or thermos with hot water in the igloo. If you want to spend the night or just add a little more comfort to your life, you can rent travel mats and sleeping bags at the time of booking or at the Sportscenter in town.

Please note that this is a simple expedition accommodation format and heater, stove, or cooking utensils are not provided inside the igloo.

Period: June - September
Capacity: up to 3 persons

For availability and price, please kindly contact us at info@svalbardvillmarkssenter.no.

Tommy's Lodge
Exclusive accommodation from our neighbors

If you want to live closer to the nature in very cozy and warm, simple but comfortable, rustic and aesthetic accommodation, you should try this cabin.
A great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Perhaps one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights during the polar night, enchanting sunsets from August to September and the most delicate hours of pink-lilac and blue light in October and February. Excellent neighbors - sled dogs and sometimes reindeer all year round, Eider ducks and other birds from May to August.

For all details, please, follow this link:
Tommy's Lodge from Discover Svalbard

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